The Institute for Urban Questions (INURB) was founded in 2018 as a platform to explore non-institutional creative practices, alternative local micro-histories and urban cultural phenomena.

Since 2015, INURB’s team has been active as a non-formal group of artists, volunteers and scholars leading the internationally acclaimed Ljubljana Graffiti Tour and street art workshops. In addition to alternative walks, INURB is the organizer of creative workshops in collaboration with various non-governmental organizations, primary schools and youth centers.

In collaboration with renowned scholars, INURB developed urban educational walks in its project Alternative Ljubljana. INURB also  promotes up-and-coming and world-renowned scholars and street artists through public events in partnership with art institutions, such as the exhibition by French artist Invader at International Centre of Graphic Arts.

From 2019, INURB is the organizer of the annual international Ljubljana Street Art Festival. The week-long Street Art Festival includes a carefully selected series of interactive events suitable for all generations of visitors. In June and July, screenings, workshops, murals, art talks, exhibitions, art fairs, guided street art walks, an international conference take place at various locations in Ljubljana.

Alternative Ljubljana

Ljubljana Street Art Festival